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Serves Mediterranean and Indian food.


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1 review
We LOVE RJ's Gourmet Grill! Whether we're dining in or out, they do NOT disappoint. Ordering from them here was done with ease, very pleased with how easy the process was done and how they delivered way earlier than the projected delivery time. The restaurant is gorgeous but ordering in is an awesome quick convenience.


1 review
Delivered amazingly fast and the food was great! The Shahi Korma was amazing, the bacon cheeseburger was decent. We very much appreciated how quickly it was delivered above all else. Wonderful experience all around.


1 review
The food was hot and fresh, though the Tikka Masala wasn't as spicy as I'd hoped. I ordered the medium and will be ordering spicy from now on.


1 review
Very approachable staff. Friendly environment, and the food is so amazing. I'm definitely going to be frequenting this place.


4 reviews
Really good overall, but the naan was undercooked. The biryani and palak paneer were excellent!

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1 review
You guys rock!

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